Work with Me

Want to collaborate on a project with me? Feature me in your blog? Stock my products in your store? Find out how you can do so below.

Can I feature your products or illustration work on my blog / magazine / etc.?

Please do! If you want to share my work online, I am happy for you to grab a few images and use them on your site, as long as you link back and don't claim them as your own work. If you do feature me, please tell me as I may want to share your post.

If you want to feature my work in a magazine, please give me a shout and I can supply you with print quality images and help with promotion.

Can I stock your products in my subscription box / store?

Yes! I'm always looking for new places to stock my items. Take a look at my wholesale page for more information on wholesale; from there you can also view my wholesale catalogues. Then just contact me and we can discuss terms on wholesale, etc.

Can I hire you for custom illustration work?

I'm not taking on any commissions at the moment as I'm primarily focusing on my product line, and am currently working on a few illustration projects away from the store, so can't quite fit it in.

I think we could make an amazing product together! Would you be interested in collaborating?

I'm not actively working on collaboration projects at the moment as I'm booked out running my store and pursuing my own projects at the moment, but may occasionally take on a collab if it's something that really strikes me.

(Please note that this does not include 'working for exposure' i.e. profit-led companies looking for free work 😒, but rather collaborative work from which we BOTH profit.)

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