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Wish List // 8 Wonderful Independent Makers Who Create Funky Embroidered Patches

For a long time, enamel lapel pins have seemed to ruled the desires of many a consumer (I even have my own). But recently embroidered patches seem to challenging the hold that pins seem to have on everyone. So I thought I'd have a little look to find some of the best examples of embroidered patches created by small, independent makers.

Embroidered Patches by helloDODO

1. helloDODO

helloDODO create a large range of amazingly cute and vibrant accessories, including a large selection of awesome patches. Their most recent patches have been inspired by their new pup, the adorable Hero.

Embroidered Patches by Punky Pins

2. Punky Pins

Already masters at the pin game, Punky Pins also sell quirky embroidered patches, from cactus, gem and macaron-themed patches to those that celebrate feminism.

Embroidered Patches by Hannah Rosengren Studio

3. Hannah Rosengren Studio

 I've always had a thing for hot air balloons, so I really adore this patch by Hannah Rosengren. All of her patches (and her whole catalogue) is inspired by the nature world.

Embroidered Patches by Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes

4. Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes

Anyone else absolutely love Stranger Things? Just about everyone, then. Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes design a number of fan culture inspired patches, such as Star Wars and Firefly, along with other playful designs.

Embroidered Patches by Tender Ghost

5. Tender Ghost

Tender Ghost's patches are adorable. From dog and floral themes, to patches with ghosts and aliens, their designs come with a lot of lovely lettering.

Embroidered Patches by Kodiak Milly

6. Kodiak Milly

I've rarely seen anything cuter than Kodiak Milly's patches. Plenty to satisfy dog and cat lovers, there is also plenty on offer for many other passions, such as a patches dedicated to Jeff Goldblum.

Embroidered Patches by Bel's Art

7. Bel's Art

Bel's Art whimsical and imaginative designs are really a joy to behold. Just look at her adorable characters! And she produces the largest patches I've found so far, at around 20cm!

Embroidered Patches by Stay Home Club

8. Stay Home Club

A listing of wonderful embroidered patches wouldn't be complete without a mention of the always amazing Stay Home Club. Not only do they produce there own gorgeous examples, but they also work with artists and illustrators to produce incredibly original patches, such as this adorable corgi one designed by Julia Bereciartu.

Wish List // 8 Wonderful Independent Makers Who Create Funky Embroidered Patches

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