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Wish List // 6 Presents I Want for Christmas from Independent Artists & Makers

Ah, Christmas. How on earth is it December already?

Year after year I try to remind myself to write my Christmas wish list early so that my friends and family can grab stuff early; we may be living in the 21st century, but thanks to often slow shipping around the world, to definitely get something in time for the festive season you often need to order in November. So this list may be a little late for people who aren’t in the country of origin of these shops, but for those that are, I’m sure there are still a few people you still need to get a present for.

Tin Recipe Boxes by Rifle Paper Co.

1. Tin Recipe Boxes by Rifle Paper Co.

Over the past few years I seem to have accidentally developed a new Christmas custom; asking for at least one item from Rifle Paper’s catalogue. Last year it was the Monarch Desk Calendar, and this year it’s one of their many recipe boxes. I’m always in awe of Anna Bond's work, and if I was let loose our flat would be covered in pieces from this company. But I think these beautiful recipe tins, whether covered in gorgeous pink and red flowers, with polka dots or with a citrus floral pattern, with look perfect in our little kitchen. They can be hard to find sometimes (many shops are out of stock of one or more of them), but Tea and Kate still have some if you are shopping from the UK.

Dark & Stormy Night T-shirt MaidenVoyageClothing

2. Dark & Stormy Night T-shirt MaidenVoyageClothing

I really used to not be a t-shirt person; until recently I could always be found wearing a cute dresses, but lately I’ve really discovered how good a unique t-shirt paired with a nice pair of slim fitted jeans (skinny jeans don’t even pass my calves) can look. I really love everything that Maiden Voyage Clothing Co. design and make, but this black Dark and Stormy Night t-shirt, with a white illustrated decal of a zeppelin / blimp being attacked by a squid / cephalopod, especially attracts; I’ve always felt a great pull to tall tales of exploration and scientific discovery told by the great authors of the late-Victorian and Edwardian eras.

Mrs Cat Brooch by Hug a Porcupine & Audrey Jeanne

3. Mrs Cat Brooch by Hug a Porcupine & Audrey Jeanne

It’s very easy to win me over with items of cute cats, and I love this sophisticated feline Mrs Cat pin, with her big round glasses, and 'meow’ bag (she kind of reminds me of one of my own cats in personality). The brooch is part of a new collaboration between Hug a Porcupine and French illustrator Audrey Jeanne (OMG, ALL the adorable cat things!) and is really a perfect little accessory for your coats, jackets, or even on a lovely peter-pan dress.

Leslie Knope / Parks and Rec Mug

4. Leslie Knope / Parks and Rec Mug

I’m pretty sure a whole host of you will agree with me that Parks and Rec is pretty awesome. And Leslie Knope is the main reason for this. Her can-do attitude and gumption is really a lesson to all of us. Drinking my morning coffee in this mug should help me to remember to be more positive in life (although it may have the negative side-effect of making me crave waffles for breakfast …). I probably don’t really need yet another mug (at least until I get some new shelving put up in the kitchen), but, you know, who cares.

Georges Méliès' A Trip to the Moon Art Print / Poster

5. Georges Méliès' A Trip to the Moon Art Print / Poster

Yeap. As I said, big fan of stuff from the late 1800s and early 1900s. I love the beauty of silent era movies, and watching the directors play with how to use film to capture stories, inventing many techniques used today over 100 years later. This poster print of the iconic man on the moon from Georges Méliès’ 1902 masterpiece A Trip to the Moon would look amazing framed and up on our living room.

Introvert Lapel Pin by Kwanalee

6. Introvert Lapel Pin by Kwanalee

Because sometimes home is the most fun place to be. I’m undoubtedly an introvert; I’m quite social and loud when the mood takes me, but most of the time I prefer quiet time with a few good friends or a good book. This Introvert lapel pin by artist Kwanalee is the perfect little brooch for people who like the more peaceful side of life. I also adore Kwanalee’s 'Girls Like Comics Too' t-shirt.

Wish List // 6 Presents I Want for Christmas from Independent Artists & Makers

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