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Watercolour Illustrations of Famous Historic Belfast Buildings

Belfast City Hall Watercolour Illustration

When I was a child, I wanted to be an architect. I used to draw and design buildings for hours on end, almost always grand, Victorian-esque homes. As I got older, and realised that being an architect wasn't simply drawing cute buildings, my career plans changed. But it didn't stop me loving illustrating these stone and wood structures.

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So I thought why not indulge on this interest of mine and create a few cute building illustrations for my stores. And how about starting with a few of the famous buildings all within a few minutes walk of my home.

Queen's University, Belfast Watercolour Illustration

To those unfamiliar with me and these buildings, they are three of the best known structures in and near Belfast, Northern Ireland's, city centre. We have the Baroque Revival Belfast City Hall, built in 1906; Queen's University's Gothic Revival Lanyon Building, built in 1849; and the Victorian cast iron glasshouse Palm House in Botanic Park / Gardens, built in 1840.

Palm House, Botanic Park, Belfast Watercolour Illustration

I love these buildings, and pass by them all very often (I walk by Belfast City Hall a few times a week as it is less than a five minute walk from my home, and is usually on my route to the city centre). They are a marvel to look at and I often find myself analysing new elements that I haven't notice before. They are definite places to visit on any holiday to Belfast or Northern Ireland.

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