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Quirky Illustrated Wooden Necklaces & Brooches Devoted to Cats & Dogs

I Feel Pretty // Ginger Cat with Flowers Rose-Gold & Wood Pendant Necklace

As I design a whole heap of products (I'll hopefully be able to show you a few sneak peeks here soon), I've been going over my older items to see what I want to keep selling, what I'm thinking of retiring, and what form my new products could take.

One thing I've been debating about lately is what to do with my wooden jewellery. I loved creating these guys, but although they sell, they aren't as popular as my stationery or accessories. I've been wondering as to the reasons; is it as they are made from wood? Would acrylic jewellery do better? (When I started selling these, wooden jewellery was quite in vogue, but it seems to have fallen out of favour.) Or possibly even metal? Or should I forget the jewellery range and focus on stationery and accessories?

Buy Quirky Illustrated Wooden Necklaces   
   & Brooches Devoted to Cats & Dogs

I think whatever my decision, most of the original designs will be eventually discontinued. More recent designs, such as the Cosmic Caticorn and Feminist AF ones, sell much more consistently, so they will be kept around for at least a while, possibly influencing whatever direction I go in.

Happiness is a Warm Puppy // Shibu Inu Dog Wooden Brooch
Magical Caticorn Rose Gold & Wood Pendant Necklace

So if you would like to pick up one of my cat and dog inspired necklaces or brooches, now is the perfect time. I've given a number of the items a discount to help me make room for new ideas that I currently have percolating.

So what do you prefer? Wooden jewellery? Acrylic? Metal?

I Feel Pretty // Ginger Cat with Flowers Wooden Brooch
I Feel Pretty // Ginger Cat with Flowers Rose-Gold & Wood Pendant Necklace
Magical Caticorn Cosmic Rainbow Wooden Brooch
Cats, Books, Life is Good // Cat Reading a Book Wooden Brooch

About the Sofa Beast Brand

In such a turbulent world we all need something that makes us smile. Sofa Beast is a range of cute goodies featuring cats, dogs & every animal in between, helping us see there are still wonderful things out there.

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