Pink Crazy Cat Lady Illustrated Lettering Art Print & Pocket Mirror

Crazy Cat Lady Pink Illustrated Art Print

One of my original products when I launched A Rose Cast two years ago was a little set of cat themed badges. One of these badges was a pink "Crazy Cat Lady" one with kitty ears. I later reused the art work for a pocket mirror. These guys have both proved to be consistent sellers over the years.

I'd alway loved that little bit of lettering, but since then my illustration has come on leaps and bonds, so I felt it was only time to revamp the concept before restocking the badges and mirrors.

Buy the Pink Crazy Cat Lady Illustrated Lettering
   Art Print & Pocket Mirror on the Store

What do you think of the new version? (Take a look back at the original.) It's just feels a lot more consolidated and professional. It has replacing the old badge and pocket mirror design, and I've also added an art print to the store as well.

Buy this design on apparel, tech skins/cases,
cushions, mugs & more on the following sites

Buy Crazy Cat Lady Calligraphy Illustration on Society6 Buy Crazy Cat Lady Calligraphy Illustration on Redbubble

They are the perfect little accessories and wall decor for all you kitty-loving crazy cat ladies out there. You can grab one for yourself over on the store.

Crazy Cat Lady Pink Illustrated Art Print


About the Sofa Beast Brand

In such a turbulent world we all need something that makes us smile. Sofa Beast is a range of cute goodies featuring cats, dogs & every animal in between, helping us see there are still wonderful things out there.

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