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Party Girl Iris & Dulsia with her Rainbow Cake Birthday / Celebration Cards

Blue and Purple Haired Iris Party Girl Birthday / Celebration Card

Today, I'm sharing with you all a few more of my watercolour portrait illustration greeting cards. These two celebratory funky haired women are Iris and Dulsia.

Dulsia with Rainbow Cake Birthday / Celebration Card

Dulsia is actually the oldest of my illustrations available on the store. She was my first popular item, and although my skills have moved on a bit since then, I really love her, and she's still a regular seller.

Buy the Iris Birthday Card on the Store

The name Dulsia means 'sweet' and I thought this was the perfect name for my blonde and pink ombre haired, rainbow cake eating lady. I originally sold this watercolour illustration as one of my art prints, but now I've turned her into a greeting card, perfect for birthdays or any other celebration that can involve cake, by adding the lettering 'All the Cake!' below.

Dulsia with Rainbow Cake Birthday / Celebration Card

And this purple and blue ombre haired lass is Iris; she has been so named for the flower which often comes in tones of purple (Iris in general means 'rainbow'). Other than custom portraits and fan art illustrations, I think I have yet to draw a lady with naturally coloured hair! With her party popper, carnival-inspired striped cone hat, confetti background, and hand-drawn calligraphy lettering, she's a perfect birthday card for any of your fun-loving friends.

Buy the Dulsia Celebration / Birthday Card on the Store

These two women were a lot of fun to design, draw and paint. Iris is a little departure from some of my previous portraits in that she has a fully coloured backdrop instead of the usual pure white. I really love the effect the this orange background has given to this piece, and have used a similar idea for my Christmas card watercolour portrait illustration, Noelle.

Blue and Purple Haired Iris Party Girl Birthday / Celebration Card

If you would like both cards, or any of my other greeting cards, you can pick and choose your own selection. From any of my greeting card listings, just choose how many cards you would like, and when you purchase, add the names of which ones you would like. (If you want to order more than four cards, just add two sets to you order).

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