Nerdy Minerva in Vintage Glasses | Watercolour & Pencil Illustration, Greeting Card & Wooden Necklace

Minerva - Watercolour Illustration of a Nerd in Vintage Glasses by Karen Murray of A Rose Cast

I have to say I really adore this illustration myself; Minerva is definitely one of my favourite pieces so far. I think lately I’ve been getting much better at translating what I see in my mind onto paper, and she in particular has come off perfectly. I love her thick lips and slightly smug expression. She is my ode to nerdy girls like me, who love a bit of make-up and hair dye along with their sci-fi TVs shows and comics.

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 Nerdy Minerva in Vintage Glasses Rose Gold & Wood Pendant Necklace

So who is Minerva? Named after the Roman goddess of wisdom, she is your modern geek girl. She watches Star Trek: TNG and Buffy repeats, while boning up on a bit of medieval history. She knows ombre hair probably isn’t quite as fashionable as it once was, but prefers to follow her own personal style than what happens to be in vogue at any particular time. Her glasses always have to have a bit of a vintage vibe to them. She may be a little shy when you first get to know her, but despite being an introvert she enjoys meeting new people.

 Nerdy Minerva in Vintage Glasses Rose Gold & Wood Pendant Necklace

Minerva is the fourth of five necklaces I have now designed (the fifth will be available in the next few weeks). Like my other girls Zahrah, Meredith, Sam and Clio, she has been hand-made from a wooden pendant printed with my original illustration and rose gold jewellery pieces. A little blue glass bead adds an extra little bit of glam.

Rose gold and wooden pendant necklaces with Watercolour Illustration by illustrator and designer Karen Murray of A Rose Cast

But Minerva isn’t just available as a necklace. I’ve added some lettering printed onto notebook sheets - spelling out “Congrats, Poindexter” - to the illustration to turn her into the perfect congratulations card for those who have just passed an exam or gained a qualification. You can get this version of my nerdy blue-haired girl over on my store.

 Nerdy Minerva in Vintage Glasses Congrats Card

Both the necklace and greeting card are in stock in my stockist, Studio Souk in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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And, as always, Minerva is available on numberous different types of products, from pillows and cushions, to mugs, skins and cases, on Redbubble and Society6 stores.

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