Month in Review // March 2016

A lot of my plans this month have been scarpered due to a whole load of technical issues.

First my hard disk with all my files started to run into a whole host of corruption problems, and then it took a fair while to get set up with a new solution. So running and updating my blog was just an impossibility for a bit. Still having a few niggles there, but hopefully I’ll have a lot more to share in April compared to March.

New Creations & Stockist

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What I’ve been Loving and Lusting Over

One of my necklaces on show at Belfast Fashion Week on Instagram
All five of my wood and rose gold illustrated necklaces on Instagram
A wooden brooch for dog lovers on Instagram
Illustrated watercolour wedding stationery with flowers, succulents, cake and calligraphy names


  • My work made its debut at Belfast Fashion Week thanks to Studio Souk owner Linzi Rooney wearing one of my new necklaces! (currently only stock in the store)
  • I have now created five different necklaces, each with a different illustration, and all created in wood and rose gold.
  • After creating a few cat-inspired pieces, I’ve created a new wooden brooch for all the dog lovers out there. This will be on sale soon (but again can currently be bought at Studio Souk)
  • I’m hoping to launch a few illustration services soon, so I’m working on some illustrated wedding stationery.
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Other Happenings This Month

  • Reading // The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. FINALLY getting around to reading this. I’ve only been meaning to do so since I was in my teens. And I can definitely see why it was so controverial at the time. It may not spell out certain things, but you can tell what Wilde was alluding too. (Follow me on Goodreads)
  • Watching // Rick and Morty. Because an animated show co-creator by the guy behind Community can only be a good thing.
  • Listening // Going back to my old playlists by putting Olivia Lufkin on a loop.
  • Playing // Still Bioshock. It takes me a fair while to get through games, but I’m surprised at how quickly my coordination is improving.
  • Eating // Creme Eggs, because it mandatory at this time of the year.
  • Learning // How to do certain things at the gym, and surprised at how quickly my body is adapting, and weird how much I’m enjoying working out.
  • Doing // More home improvement stuff! We actually have more than two things on our walls now. Due to work, health issues and our holiday to Japan, fixing up our flat has taken a backseat for a long while.

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