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Loved Links // Festive DIYs to Create During the Christmas Holidays

Less than two weeks until Christmas! Are you all feeling prepared? I think I am, but I have a feeling there is something I've overlooked. After deciding to give our bathroom a full reno last week (as I didn't want to have that to-do list hanging over my head while I'm off for the holidays), I'm a little late getting into the mood of the festive season. So I thought I'd take a look for some fun DIYs that I could play with in the final run-up to the big day.

Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree Toppers

1. Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree Toppers

Planning to make a batch of cupcakes for Christmas, but not sure how to make them look festive? These cupcake liner Christmas tree toppers look wonderful.

Balloon Ornament / Bauble Christmas Centerpiece

2. Balloon Ornament / Bauble Christmas Centerpiece

I always have a hard time doing something special for the table; it's usually just a few festive placemats and candles. This balloon ornament centrepiece looks like an easy, quick but quirky alternative.

Fresh Mint Marshmallows

3. Fresh Mint Marshmallows

I've wanted to make my own marshmallows for many years, but have just never gotten around to it. Maybe the thought of adding mint flavoured ones to my special (spiked) Christmas hot chocolate will encourage me to make them.

Holly Balloon Gift Toppers

4. Holly Balloon Gift Toppers

Another balloon themed decorations, this time for the presents. Much more fun than a simple gift tag. And as I live in a flat with minimal storage, I love the idea of decorations that you don't have to store for next year.

DIY Glitter Gift Bows

5. DIY Glitter Gift Bows

Such a simple but effective DIY. All you need is some glittery duck tape!

Mudcloth Gingerbread Cookies / Biscuits

6. Mudcloth Gingerbread Cookies / Biscuits

I always whip up a batch of gingerbread biscuits every year, but they are always decorated in a traditional way. These mudcloth patterned cookies look both festive and modern.

DIY Christmas Ornament / Bauble Pillows

7. DIY Christmas Ornament / Bauble Pillows

Maybe not something I'll get around to creating before Christmas, but aren't these bauble cushions amazing?

DIY Honeycomb Ornament / Bauble Cupcake Toppers

8. DIY Honeycomb Ornament / Bauble Cupcake Toppers

Another festive way to perk up your Christmas cupcakes. Honeycomb paper works so well for the holidays, and these bauble toppers are adorable.

DIY Minimalist Wooden Christmas Tree

9. DIY Minimalist Wooden Christmas Tree

Like something a little more minimal for Christmas. Try out this beautiful minimalist wooden tree by Fall for DIY

DIY Edible Almond Pinecones

10. DIY Edible Almond Pinecones

Almond flavours always remind me of the festive season. These almond pinecones make for wonderful decorations that you can eat after the festivities are over (or during).

Loved Links // Festive DIYs to Create During the Christmas Holidays

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