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Friday Favourites // Cat Faces, Feminist Gifts, Pom Poms & THE Dream Dress

Four day weekend! And this weekend I have the joy of looking after a grand total of five cats as a few friends are headed over to London. Win-win!

I'm always so chuffed when we get to this point of the year. For the next few months here in the UK we have a number of bank holidays and other days off popping up, not to mention the fact it is actually bright now when I finish work for the day. Our weather is still a bit temperamental (and Northern Ireland seems to be worse than the rest of the UK), meaning that it's impossible to plan what to wear, but the fact I have newly growing plants on the balcony makes me forgive this season changeabilness.

So here are a few fun finds of mine that will hopefully bring you guys a little more cheerfulness.

DIY Carnation Pom Pom

1. DIY Carnation Pom Pom

I'm trying to treat myself by keeping a vase full of fresh flowers in our living room, and I'm always attracted to carnations thanks to there nice and cheap price. But I guess I tend to feel drawn to the more expensive flowers, not because I don't like carnations but because of their negative image. It's great to see Poppytalk aiming some love their way with this beautiful floral arrangement idea.

Blush Pink Wrap Dress with Stars

2. Blush Pink Wrap Dress with Stars

This is THE dream dress for me. The colour, the cut, the fact it has stars! I'm a big devotee of Keiko Lynn's fashion style, and her's was one of the first blogs I followed, so I always know I can trust her finds. I've been changing my style a little lately, and have been finding myself drawn to these kinds of floaty dresses. Would it work with pink hair?

Fesser Makes Faces on Instagram

3. Fesser Makes Faces

Another blog I've been following for what seems like ages is A Dainty Squid. And one of the many reasons for this is her squad of adorable pets. She has made an Instagram account devoted to the crazy faces her cat Professor Stingray makes. If you're anything like me, you follow a ton of cat-themed Instagram accounts, but there is always room for one more, no?

Light Banana Book Pot / Planter

4. 21 Gift Ideas For The Feminist

If you follow along with my product range, or even just this blog, you know how much of a feminist I am. So I'm a big advocate of beautiful items that show a love for this important political movement. It's bit of an old post that I had saved away, but Poppytalk has pulled together a wonderful list of feminist goodies that I think you'll all appreciate.

Giant Pegboard DIY

5. Giant Pegboard DIY

I've just finally finished my own pegboard wall arrangement in my office, but this DIY just puts it to shame. And it doesn't even seem that difficult to create. Maybe an idea for an update in the future.

DIY Pom Pom Earrings

6. DIY Pom Pom Earrings

I wasn't too sure about these at first as they seemed a little too perky and maybe childish for me, but now I'm really warming to them and realising they can look really feminine and mature with a fun quirky (my own personal fashion style). I may have to take this on as a simple fashion project.

Friday Favourites // Cat Faces, Feminist Gifts, Pom Poms & THE Dream Dress

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