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Friday Favourites // A Few Things to Bring Smiles After this Week

Well, this week has been (un)expectedly tough. 2016 strikes again, and has probably dealt its biggest blow so far. I really don't know what to say other than, despite the depression of Tuesday night / Wednesday morning (I got maybe three hours sleep if I'm lucky), Wednesday afternoon onwards lifted my spirits.

I was going to sequester myself away from the internet, but, well, those kind of plans never go according to plan. Instead I started to read the posts, on blogs and social media, of people in the creative industries from around the world I deeply respect, and found identical voices. Voices that were broken, crying and depressed. Voices from people of colour, from the LGBT+ community, other women, artists, those who have a very real chance of having laws that protect them taken away (and who are already suffering a massive increase of abuse). (And even more here One / Two / Three / Four)

But they weren't defeated.

In fact, they were motivated. Driven to be more vocal, to be more supportive, to do all they can to help make things easier for those who have and will be repressed. To use their writing, their art, anything they can to help heal and drive society forward to becoming one where equality is the norm.

And I want to somehow play a part. I've created a few items dedicated to feminism, to smart girls who love to read, my girls have dyed hair, piercings and tattoos. But I want to go a bit further. Politics (obviously of a progressive, liberal fashion) is a massive passion of mine, and equality is my biggest desire for the world. And I want to somehow use my abilities to help make this world a brighter place and give strength to those who need it.

I have no idea how, but I'm going to try.

Leslie Knope from Parks & Rec

1. Leslie Knope Writes a Letter to America

In line with what I've just said, here's some words from my idol, Leslie Knope (I massively adore her). Also check out Aaron Sorkin's letter to his daughter.

Motivational Wallpapers by Remilla Ty

2. Motivational Wallpapers by Remilla Ty

And onto some things to cheer us all up. I think all these messages are very important in this world right about now. A good way to dress up your laptops, tablets and mobiles while keeping motivated.

Wrapped Christmas Gifts // UK Independent Shopping Guide

3. UK Independent Shopping Guide

A shopping guide dedicated to independent and ethical brands from within the UK, a number of which are personal favourites of mine. This is the perfect resource to help out if you want to get your Christmas gifts from small and independent business, rather than giving mass produced items. (Remember, you can do the same by buying things from my store.)

An illustrated list of 8 Things Every Creative Should Know by Adam J. Kurtz

4. 8 Things Every Creative Should Know

Another wonderful column on Design*Sponge by designer / artists / author Adam J. Kurtz. Creatives so easily forget this truths, and we need to keep reminding ourselves to keep fighting against our doubts.

Crazy Cat Lady Art Print by The Lovely Drawer

5. Crazy Cat Lady by The Lovely Drawer

Gonna be a crazy cat lady and mention this adorable art print of cute kitty heads by illustrator / designer The Lovely Drawer. There's always room for more cats.

EPIC balloon installation by Geronimo Balloons

6. EPIC balloon installation by Geronimo Balloons

Because pretty balloons puts smiles on dejected faces. Never underestimate the power of the pretty to make us smile and give us a little more strength.

Friday Favourites // A Few Things to Bring Smiles After this Week

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