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For your Fave Feminist // Girl Gang Art Print, Badges, Mirror & Stickers

Girl Gang Ornate Illustrated Art Print

Growing up in the 90s, I remember how girls were constantly pitted against each other. We were taught that we should see each other as competition, and how other girls and women would back stab us if it was to their benefit. I even found myself adhering to it, looking down at girls who were different to me.

Over the past 10 or 20 years, with the most recent wave of feminism, I've seen this belief fade away as we who identify as female realise that it's by pulling each other up we achieve greater success. Division was a way to keep us down and it's only by ganging together that we could smash the patriarchy that hurts us all.

The term "girl gang" is one that was born of this revolution in feminist thinking. As an ode to the concept, I've adopted it for my range of feminist products, and have also used it on a few products.

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These pieces are my way of trying send out a little bit of solidarity and support to other women in this world.

So if you have your own wonderful girl gang, maybe one of these goodies would be a great way of telling those women how much they mean to you.

Girl Gang / Feminist Pocket Mirror
Feminist Agenda Girl Gang Vinyl Stickers
Feminist AF / Fight Like a Girl Stickers
Girl Gang / Feminist Pin-Back Button Badges

About the Girl Gang Brand

When the world feels like The Handmaid’s Tale, Girl Gang is a feminist range for those nasty women who persist against sexism, intolerance, Trump and alt-Right Nazis.

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