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Creative Spotlight // 6 Illustrators and Artists Creating Unique Portraits of Women

I'm definitely on a bit of a strong women kick after the amazing Women's March last month, and today I want to share a few illustrators and artists that I love who create amazing portraits of women from all over the world.

Artist Kelsey Beckett

1. Kelsey Beckett

Michigan based Kelsey Beckett is a freelance illustrator and fine artist working mainly in acrylic and oil, but sometimes works digitally. Her portraiture has both a striking realism to it and a unique style, and her women are often surrounded by floral elements. I love how expressive the faces she paints are.

Artist Natalie Foss

2. Natalie Foss

Norwegian freelance illustrator Natalie Foss works primarily with coloured pencils, focusing on portraiture with a wealth of colour and emotion. Her drawings are often simple in content, bringing the important of the personality of those depicted to the forefront.

Artist Kuvshinov Ilya

3. Kuvshinov Ilya

Russian-born and Yokohama-based illustrator and comic artist Kuvshinov Ilya demonstrates a great influence from his adopted home with girls with large eyes backed by Japanese landscapes.

Artist Soey Milk

4. Soey Milk

Korean-born, California-based Soey Milk works mostly with oils and watercolours. She often draws from her South Korean heritage with chaotic backgrounds filled with colourful and elaborate textiles, while her alluring women are rendered with meticulous details. You just have to take a look at their eyes or lips to see the intricacy of her work.

Artist and Illustrator Tom Bagshaw

5. Tom Bagshaw

Based in Bath, illustrator Tom Bagshaw works digitally, rendering highly detailed pieces in a style that almost looks traditionally painted. The women he depicts are feminine but have a fierce strength, and they are usually surrounded in themes of fantasy, beauty and mysticism.

Artist Keita Morimoto

6. Keita Morimoto

Osaka-born, Toronto-based Keita Morimoto is a ‘new Romantic’ painter. His portraiture work is heavily influences by the Old Masters, such as Rembrandt, with light-infused moody works set in the modern era. I have a bit of an obsession with the Old Masters; I have stared at the brush strokes of their work for many an hour in museums, and I am so happy someone is creating work along those lines today in 2017.

Creative Spotlight // 6 Illustrators and Artists Creating Unique Portraits of Women

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