Crazy Cat Lady Pocket Mirrors

Crazy Cat Lady Pocket Mirrors

After the immense success of my badge packs, I could see there was a desire for a larger line of products using this simpler illustration style of mine. After searching for what other items I could have produced, I decided that pocket mirrors would be an ideal addition to the A Rose Cast store.

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One of my favourite illustrations from my badge packs was the black and pastel pink 'Crazy Cat Lady' one from the Crazy Cat Lady pack. I felt that it was good enough to be its own thing. So when deciding on what artwork would work well for my pocket mirrors, I felt that I had to reuse this one. It's just all kinds of cute, if I do say so myself.

I have four pocket mirrors in total; aside from Crazy Cat Lady, you can get a 'Geeks are Sexy' one with funky vintage glasses, and two Feminist/Girl Gang versions, 'Cat Eye Master' or 'Red Lips, Don't Care'.

Each illustration has been created by my usual method using watercolour and pencil, and the pocket mirrors themselves have been expertly produced by Awesome Merchandise, one of the very best manufacturers of this kind of product in the UK (they also produce my badges).

So grab yourself a mirror and throw it into your bag! If you do buy one and want to show it off on Instagram and Twitter, please tag me @arosecast / #arosecast so I can see!

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