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Cat Pins, Office Inspiration & New York Guide // Friday Favourites

Cat Pins, Office Inspiration & New York Guide // Friday Favourites

A few little things I've come across this week that I'm loving.

Black and Copper Enamel Pin of a Cat with the Words Feminist from Moorea Seal

1. Feminist Black Cat Enamel Pin

Cats and feminism are always a winning combination for me. This cat wants equality right meow. Show her off on your jacket, bag or hat.

Pro Choice, Pro Feminism, Pro Cats Enamel Pin from Punky Pins

2. Pro Cats Enamel Pin from Punky Pins

And another mix of feline cuteness and equality politics. I actually treated myself to this enamel pin a few weeks back.

10 More Things to do in New York by Carrie of Wish Wish Wish

3. 10 More Things to do in New York

It’s been two years now since I visited New York and I’m hoping to head back again at some point in the future. So having a fun list of places to go and eat is always a good thing.

20 Different Eyeliner Styles with Urban Decay Razor Sharp Liquid Eyeliner by Keiko Lynn

4. 20 Different Eyeliner Styles Liquid Eyeliner

I’m not very adventurous when it comes to make-up, so would love to try out a few of these playful styles on a night out. Or maybe even use them on a few of my illustrated girls.

Taro and Black Sesame Ice Cream Recipe from Paper & Stitch

5. Taro & Black Sesame Ice Cream Recipe

I love Asian desserts, so the thought of ice cream with sesame and taro sounds great to me. I haven’t made ice cream at all this summer, so should probably give this a try.

Freelance Photographer & Writer Me & Orla on Instagram

6. Me & Orla on Instagram

I attended an Instagram photography class by Sara at Blogtacular in back in June and loved her tips, and her Instagram is so beautiful and restful.

DIY Pocket Hanging Organiser by The Lovely Drawer

7. DIY Pocket Hanging Organiser

I’m finally getting my office sorted so am looking for a few finishing touches. Loving this DIY pocket organiser.

DIY Copper Inspiration Board by The Proper Blog

8. DIY Copper Inspiration Board

And this copper wire inspiration board. I think something like this could also work well for display when I hold my first stall in October.

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