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Books, Cats, Life is Good - Stationery & Accessories for Cat Loving Bibliophiles

Cats, Books, Life is Good // Cat Reading a Book Wooden Brooch

Lately, as I've been planning a new collection of stationery and accessories to add to the store, I've been thinking of a ideas that straddle at least two of my sub-brands. Creating products that bring together feminism (the focus of my Girl Gang sub-brand) and books (obviously the inspiration for Book Nerd) so far has been an easy task, and I have so many ideas that I love in that area that are fast becoming new products.

But another combination I'm loving is one that I've been doing since the start of A Rose Cast; cats and books.


This direction was initially inspired by the Edward Gorey quote, "Books, Cats, Life is Good", and lead to one of my first products; a wooden brooch of a cat reading a book with the quote in calligraphy. This little brooch was inspired by one of the first photos I’d ever taken of our youngest cat, Monty; I was sitting reading a Murakami novel and he popped up onto my lap and sat as if he was reading the book himself.

Book Nerd Kiss-Cut Vinyl Stickers
Grey Striped Kitty Cat with Blue Glasses Enamel Lapel Pin

Since then I've created a few other pieces inspired by two of my biggest loves, from a birthday card perfect for any cat-loving bibliophile and an enamel pin of a bespectacled cat (again, Monty-inspired), to a sticker pack. I even, after a year or more of improving my illustration skills, recreated the Edward Gorey quote piece, this time releasing it as an art print.

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Cats and books seem like a natural combination. If you take a little look to see what pets some of the most famous writers kept, they tend to be of the feline variety. There must be something about these somewhat solitary, quiet animals that attract the kind of person who finds themselves drawn to words.

Books, Cats, Life is Good / Edward Gorey Quote Illustrated Art Print

So this lovely little duo is something I plan to design more products around. So if you are a book loving crazy cat lady, keep an eye out here on the blog and on the store for new items, and on my Instagram and Twitter for sneak peeks.

Best Birthdays Include Cats & Books Card
Cats, Books, Life is Good // Cat Reading a Book Wooden Brooch

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