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Book Nerd & Crazy Cat Lady Vinyl Stickers

Crazy Cat Lady Kiss-Cut Vinyl Stickers

For quite a while, I've been planning to add a line of cute and functional stickers to my product range, and a few weeks ago, I was able to complete that goal. I have a four different sticker packs, and today I'm going to introduce you to the Book Nerd and Crazy Cat Lady releases (there are also Girl Gang and Journal Planner packs).

There is little in life I love more than books and cats (you can easily tell that from several of my other products).

Crazy Cat Lady Kiss-Cut Vinyl Stickers
Crazy Cat Lady Kiss-Cut Vinyl Stickers

I have a large range of cat-themed products, and they've always proved incredibly popular with my customers. So I knew one of my planned sticker packs had to be dedicated to all those fellow crazy cat ladies out there who follow me.

Buy Crazy Cat Lady Kiss-Cut Vinyl Stickers on the Store

I have taken a few of my favourite pieces of cat-themed artwork (illustrations I've used for badge packs and pocket mirrors in the past), and supplemented them with new, never before used, watercolour paintings, to create a pack of 16 high-quality kiss-cut, peelable stickers, printed onto a A6 sheet. From kitty adorned to-do list stickers, to ones for birthdays, dates to remember and more, they make for an easy and fun way to decorate your planners and journals.

Crazy Cat Lady Kiss-Cut Vinyl Stickers

I loved the chance to get back to painting little cute illustrations of my three cats, MogToby and Monty; I think Monty's little British Shorthair face always comes out particularly  well.

Book Nerd Kiss-Cut Vinyl Stickers

Next to my kitty cat products, anything to do with books always prove to be best sellers (I keep running out of stock of my book nerd badges). So I created this Book Nerd sticker pack, with a few of the illustrations from the badge packs, along with several new illustrations.

Buy Book Nerd Kiss-Cut Vinyl Stickers on the Store

From book stacks, to individual hardbacks, these stickers are perfect for planning your book club meetings, when you're due another visit to the book store, or which days you rightly deserve nothing else but hours of uninterrupted reading. This pack comes with 12 high-quality kiss-cut, peelable stickers perfect for many book-related occasions. So 'treat yo self' and grab a pack and get sticking them into your journals and planners.

Book Nerd Kiss-Cut Vinyl Stickers
Book Nerd Kiss-Cut Vinyl Stickers

So grab a pack for yourself and get sticking them onto everything you can! If you do, please show them off on Instagram and Twitter and tag me @arosecast / #arosecast onto them so I can see what you get up to with them!

Book Nerd Kiss-Cut Vinyl Stickers

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