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Birthday and Occasion Cards for your Favourite Book Loving Friends

Best Birthdays Include Cats & Books Birthday Card

Where's a good book-themed birthday or occasion card when you need one?

When I started along the idea of creating a literature inspired sub-brand for my store, I did a little research to see what areas of the book themed goodies market were a little bare. One thing that struck me was that there wasn't a great number of greeting cards suited to book lovers and nerd; in fact, I always found it a little hard to find that perfect card for my fellow book club members.

So I felt that creating a few greeting cards perfect for bibliophiles would be a necessary step in Book Nerd's inception. Six months later, I only have two ... But hopefully you'll agree that they are two good 'uns. I'm sure most readers out there have a love for either tea or cats (maybe like me, both)!

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I'm currently sketching out some plans for more book-themed greeting cards, as well as a number of other products for my the Book Nerd corner of my store. Can't wait to get adding to that collection as it's a little small compared to both Girl Gang (my feminist collection) and Sofa Beast (cute animal collection).

Any literary themes you think should be included?

Read Books & Drink Tea Birthday / Friendship Card
Best Birthdays Include Cats & Books Birthday Card

Read Books & Drink Tea Birthday / Friendship Card

About the Book Nerd Brand

If a well-read woman is a dangerous creature, then let’s get reading. The Book Nerd range celebrates woman who use their knowledge to make this a brighter world.

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