Friday Favourites // 8 Spooky Ideas for Halloween

And the Halloween weekend is upon us! I hope you all have some wonderful plans, whether you are heading out in full costume with friends, or hunkering down at home on the sofa to watch a few of your favourite horror movies. Here's a few things I've found over the past few weeks to help you get in a spooky mood.

Hocus Pocus Quote Cookies

1. Hocus Pocus Quote Cookies

I actually went to the cinema as a kid to see Hocus Pocus, so, like pretty much every woman of my generation, it is a must-watch during the Halloween season. These easy to make Hocus Pocus cookies would be perfect for any Halloween party.

DIY Cat Drilled Pumpkins

2. DIY Cat Drilled Pumpkins

I may be doing this over the weekend. I mean, how could I resist a cat-themed carved pumpkin? Have I told you how thankful I am that it's easy to get pumpkins in the UK these days? No way I could have done this with the turnips I carved as a child.

DIY Halloween Pom Pom Pumpkin Earrings

3. DIY Halloween Pom Pom Pumpkin Earrings

What an ingenious way to add a little Halloween flare to a normal outfit. I think next year I'll be making these in the run-up to October so I can wear them for the whole Halloween season.

Crazy Cat Lady Costume

4. Crazy Cat Lady Costume

Okay, so I am one of those people who believe all Halloween costumes should be scary or at least horror-themed, but I couldn't resist how cute this crazy cat lady costume is. I mean, I am a massive crazy cat lady myself.

Gettin’ Spooky Dirt Cup Cocktails

5. Gettin’ Spooky Dirt Cup Cocktails

This had me at the fact it's a Halloween cocktail with a good bit of bourbon and chocolate. But it is also just incredibly cute.

Moon Phase Light Garland

6. Moon Phase Light Garland

I actually just want to create this stencilled moon phase light garland for am all-round house decoration (I'm a bit obsessed with constellations and anything to do with space), but it is a wonderful and simple way to decorate for a sophisticated Halloween party.

No-Carve Pumpkins Using Custom Color Paint Markers

7. No-Carve Pumpkins Using Custom Color Paint Markers

I love carving pumpkins, but sometimes it's nice to have a few uncarved ones to sit next to the ones with flicker candles. I loved these painted ones, and you can easily make up your own spooky phrases.

Halloween Party Decorations and Digital Wallpapers

8. Halloween Party Decorations and Digital Wallpapers

I created these freebies several years ago when I first started back into illustration after many, many years. Originally these were digital downloads over on my Etsy store, but as I've always loved them, felt it right to make sure they were available even if I was no longer selling them.

Friday Favourites // 8 Spooky Ideas for Halloween

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