6 Lettering Artists Who Inspire my Work // Creative Spotlight

An increasing amount of my illustration and design work incorporates elements of lettering. While working to improve my own skills, I've spent a lot of time looking for other lettering artists from which to learn. These six women have inspired me over the past year to create pieces of lettering of which I am truly proud.

Moonrise Kingdom Lettering by Jessica Hische

1. Jessica Hische

Overwhelmed with her old job, Jessica Hische realised she needed a self-motivated project where she could play around without restrictions. This side-venture was the career changing Daily Drop Cap, from which she has become known as one of the top letterers in the industry. She works on a wide variety of projects, from book cover design to creating unique fonts for movies, including the iconic text for Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom. Her work is quirky and playful, elements I want to project with my lettering.

Hello, I love you lettering by Lauren Hom

2. Lauren Hom

Lauren Hom made her mark on the lettering world with two of her own promotional projects; Daily Dishonesty, where she illustrated lovely little lies, and Will Letter for Lunch, creating elaborate chalkboard menus to pay for her afternoon meal. She now has numerous household names as clients, from Starbucks and TIME Magazine to YouTube and Random House. Her work is always fun and a bit tongue in cheek, and boosts some wonderful colours and curvaceous lines.

Enid Blyton Book Cover by Lettering Artist Mary Kate McDevitt

3. Mary Kate McDevitt

Mary Kate McDevitt is a Philadelphia-based illustrator and lettering artist. Since 2010 she has created lettering for clients including, Target, Chronicle Books and Macy’s, and is the author of several books. Mary Kate McDevitt's class on Skillshare was one of the first places I went to learn how to do lettering work years ago while still a web designer. Like my pieces, her work is peppered with illustrated objects, a combination to which I've always been drawn.

Greeting Card by Lettering Artist Emily McDowell

4. Emily McDowell

Emily McDowell's success was founded upon one card. It spoke about relationships in a way that wasn't yet represented on greeting cards; it was honest and not wishful. She has continued with this truthfulness, creating cards that help people connect when they don't know what to say. Her work is iconic, and you can always recognise her designs from her unique handwriting. I'd love to create some work with longer pieces of text, something Emily McDowell always handles wonderfully. 

War and Peace Book Cover by Lettering Artist Dana Tanamachi

5. Dana Tanamachi

Dana Tanamachi is a lettering artist and designer who enjoys living a quiet life. In 2009, an impromptu chalk installation for a Brooklyn housewarming party landed Dana her first commission for Google and set the popular chalk-lettering trend—and her career—in motion. Her work is highly ornate and historically inspired, something that I want to do with my own creations.

Break Every Heart Illustration by Lettering Artist Jen Mussari

6. Jen Mussari

Jack of all trades. Master of a couple. Lettering artist, illustrator, fine artist, designer, community member, dog sitter (prefers cats), collector of things, Tattly artist, sign painter, etc. Proud Philadelphian, she left her heart in Baltimore, had a quick love/hate fling with San Francisco, now in the nurturing arms of Brooklyn. Her work often includes illustrated objects surround by lettering, which is the direction I tend to go with my work.

6 Lettering Artists Who Inspire my Work // Creative Spotlight

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