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8 Adorable Greeting Cards for your Favourite Crazy Cat Lady // Wish List

8 Adorable Greeting Cards for your Favourite Crazy Cat Lady // Wish List

I love being able to give my friends greeting cards for their birthdays, and other occasions, that suit their personality and interests to a tee, rather than some generic sentiment card. I have a fair few crazy cat ladies among my nearest and dearest, so have spent many an hour finding the perfect cat-themed cards for them. I've even gone as far as creating my own range of cards for cat lovers.

So I thought I'd show off a few of my favourites and spare the rest of you a bit of time.

David Meowie Cat Card by Mister Peebles

1. David Meowie Cat Card

This David Bowie inspired cat card has long been one of my personal favourites as it's, well, just brilliant. Give Mister Peebles store a look over to find more wonderfully illustrated animal-inspired cards.

I Love You More Than Cats by Katie Abey

2. I Love You More Than Cats

I love this card of a whole host of cute felines by Katie Abey. She also stocks a number of other cat-themed cards, including Taco Cat, Purrfect Together and Count Catular.

To One Cool Cat Crazy Cat Lady Card

3. To One Cool Cat Card

Isn't this the coolest cat? Reminds me a little of my Monty. Amy Heitman is a brilliant illustrator who creates cards and prints with a quirky but classic feel to them.

Happy Birthday, Kitten Crazy Cat Lady Card

4. Happy Birthday, Kitten Card

My goodness, how adorable are The First Snow's cards? She has a range of kitty-inspired cards, and I just love this floral fluffy kitten card.

I'm Smitten, Kitten Crazy Cat Lady Card

5. I'm Smitten, Kitten Card

If you have a love for whimsical cats, or dogs, then you need to check out I like CATS. Toby's artwork is always instantly recognisable and he has a wealth of wonderful items available in his store for any animal lover, including several cards for crazy cat ladies (and men).

You're the Cat's Pajamas Crazy Cat Lady Card

6. You're the Cat's Pajamas Card

A list of beautiful greeting cards wouldn't be complete without something by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. I've long been in love with and influenced by her illustrations, and this Cat's Pajamas card is just adorable.

Cat Pile Crazy Cat Lady Card

7. Cat Pile Card

Quill and Fox is another stationery company I've followed for a long time. I love this cat pile illustrated card, and they have just launched a Hello Kitty collection!

You're my Fave Crazy Cat Lady Card

8. You're my Fave Crazy Cat Lady Card

And here is my own ode to crazy cat ladies out there, a little card filled with kitties and calligraphy. I also have a number of other cat-themed cards over on the Sofa Beast section of the store

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In such a turbulent world we all need something that makes us smile. Sofa Beast is a range of cute goodies featuring cats, dogs & every animal in between, helping us see there are still wonderful things out there.

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