6 Remarkable Artists Who Turn Paper Crafts into Art // Creative Spotlight

6 Remarkable Artists Who Turn Paper Crafts into Art // Creative Spotlight

Recently there seems to have been a real explosion of illustration and art created using paper. These intricate, multilayered art works are a real feat of effort, the creators turning often delicate hand-cut pieces of paper into full three-dimensional dioramas or flatlay designs.

Here are a few paper cut artists who have captured my eye lately.

Artwork by Papercut Artist Helen Musselwhite

1. Helen Musselwhite

Helen Musselwhite takes most of her inspiration from the of the British countryside, and combines it with her love of William Morris and the Arts and Crafts Movement and Andy Warhol’s pen and ink drawings. She works both on a small scale for book covers, and a large scale for shop and museum installations.

Artwork by Papercut Artist Elly MacKay

2. Elly MacKay

Elly MacKay makes unique images using layers of paper combined with with illustration, light and photography within a light box. She creates picture books and illustrates covers for novels.

Artwork by Papercut Artist Tommy Panigot

3. Tommy Panigot

Tommy Panigot often works with clients to create the perfect paper cut artwork for projects from posters to album covers. His style is modern but retains a very cintage edge.

Artwork by Papercut Artist People Too

4. People Too

Based in Novosibirsk, Russia, Alexey Lyapunov and Lena Erich create a range of wondrous paper crafted art, from work for corporate clients, to pet portraits.

Artwork by Papercut Artist Sarah Dennis

5. Sarah Dennis

Sarah's work combines traditional paper cutting with collage. Her pieces exemplify the beauty of nature in fairy tales and whimsical childhood dreams, telling classic poems and folk tales through the medium of paper.

Artwork by Papercut Artist Emily Brown

6. Emily Brown

Beautiful wildlife inspired hand-cut artwork by papercut artist Emily Brown. She is best known for her layered cut paper shadow boxes series' and animal cuts.

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