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6 Rainbow-Filled Instagram Accounts to Follow for Book Lovers and Bibliophiles // Creative Spotlight

6 Rainbow-Filled Instagram Accounts to Follow for Book Lovers and Bibliophiles // Creative Spotlight

One of my favourite things to do on Instagram is to sit and scroll through beautiful photographs of gorgeous books and awe-inspiring bookshelves. For any bibliophile, just looking at pretty tomes releases a dose of serotonin, and thankfully if we aren't close to a wonderful book store, we can still get that little rush thanks to the 'net.

Here are some of my favourite book-themed Instagram accounts that not only feature outstanding book photography, but also satisfy a need for a rainbowful of colour.

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1. Eden Hammond

I love how vividly colourful and busy Eden's book photography is while still maintaining a clean and structure look. Her compositions are both playful and inventive.

2. Head in her Books

Book blogger Jananee, uses white backdrops to make the colour in the books really pop in her photos; books are definitely the main focus in her photography. I also love how she organises her books by colour. Being a visually minded person, the cover of every book I own is recorded in my head, so I find this kind of organisation very easy to use.

3. Bookish Black Hole

Another account that uses white to emphasise colourful book covers, book lover and astrophysicist in training Mackenzie, creates both lovely rainbow and one colour photos of her books.

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4. Aentee Reads

20-something Aentee uses a complete rainbow of flowers to complement her book photography. She has her own book review blog, Read at Midnight, and I'm delighted to find we share a few favourite authors in Catherynne M. Valente, Haurki Murakami and Patrick Ness.

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5. Book Sugar

Book addict Maria creates sumptuous but simple book compositions with her extensive collection. Her book shelves are to die for and I hope I'll soon have enough room to have such an amazing library.

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6. Xenatine

Reader and author Christine Manzari has an Instagram feed that is both wonderfully rainbow-filled while being a little more moody than most colourful bookstagram accounts. With an abundance of flowers and other elements of nature, there is a lovely warmth to her book photography.

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