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6 Photographer-Artists Who Create Fantasical Landscapes Through Photo Manipulation // Creative Spotlight

6 Photographer-Artists Who Create Fantasical Landscapes Through Photo Manipulation // Creative Spotlight

As I’ve been going through my backlog of DSLR photos (I've shared a number over on Instagram), cleaning them up and processing them in Lightroom, I’ve been thinking about seeing if there is someway to add a little more mystery or fantasy to them. Should I add an illustrative element; one of my girls peaking around a corner, or a kitty cat sitting on a pavement?

While thinking about that, I decided to have a little look at some artists who focus on photo manipulation. Here are a few creative photographers I found enchanting.

When I’m in a city, whether new to me or familiar, one of the main things you’ll find me pointing my DSLR at are buildings; they make up probably about 70% of my photographs. One of the first things I ever wanted to be was an architect, and I especially love buildings from the late 19th and early 20th century. For that reason, I find myself drawn to these two artists’ work; beautiful European buildings turned into something fantastical. (Can you see Totoro hiding in the Laurent Chéhère piece?)

Photograph Manipulation by artist Jane Long

3. Jane Long

Brisbane based fine art photographer and artist Jane Long creates imaginatively surreal compositions by digitally restoring, colorizing, and manipulating black-and-white photos captured over 50 years ago. These pieces always make me think of children’s fairy tales. Just wonderful.

Photograph Manipulation by artist Michael Vincent Manalo

4. Michael Vincent Manalo

Visual artist Michael Vincent Manalo is inspired by the imagined memories of nostalgic and dream-like environments; his works documents their decline into post-apocalyptic, nightmarish creations. They all have such a soft, mesmerising beauty to them.

Photograph Manipulation by artist Christian Ruhm

5. Christian Ruhm

These Christian Ruhm kaleidoscopic architectural landmark manipulations have been created using multiple exposures, not computer-based post-processing. I’m just getting to the stage of composing good photographs, so just contemplating how to create such an image from a camera, to me, is mind-blowing.

Photograph Manipulation by artist Erik Johansson

6. Erik Johansson

Photographer and retoucher Erik Johansson doesn't capture moments, he captures ideas. Using his camera and Photoshop, he brings many photographs together to create unique fantasy landscapes. Definitely check out the videos of his process on his website.

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