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6 Nerdy Creations by Independent Artists // Wish List

I love to create my own geeky fan art greeting cards and art prints. In fact, this week I released a new piece, this time of Princess Bubblegum from the brilliant cartoon Adventure Time.

I also love to buy those produced by other artists and illustrators like myself. Here are some of my favourite little nerdy creations.

Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time blowing a bubble illustration by Little Thunder

1. Princess Bubblegum

Another Princess Bubblegum piece. Adventure Time's currently one of my favourite shows, and I in particular love this character, so it's no surprise that I adore this illustration by Little Thunder. There's also a great one of Fionna!

Steve Zissou / Bill Murray pin, from Wes Anderson's The Life Aquatic

2. Steve Zissou Pin

Not only has illustrator Amy Blue created this great Steve Zissou / Bill Murray pin (from Wes Anderson's The Life Aquatic), but has other pins, prints and stickers up for sale from the likes of The Addams Family, Cry Baby and many other pop culture favourites.

Doctor Who, with Amy Pond, Rory Williams and River Song, illustration by Megan Lara

3. Doctor Who

One of many, many reasons I love Megan Lara's work is as it combines two of my favourite things; nerdiness and art nouveau. She is probably one of the most prolific fanart illustrators out there, with her work being used on offical projects, such as the Buffy comic. Her Cowboy Bebop t-shirt is one of my favourite pieces of clothing I own.

Strange and Unusual // Lydia from Tim Burton's Beetlejuice Painting by bSmithereens

4. Strange and Unusual | Painting of Beetlejuice's Lydia

Being an 80s kid, I grew up watching old Tim Burton's movies, and one of my all-time favourites was Beetlejuice. I was also a massive Winona Ryder fan, so I really love this painting by bSmithereens. This companion piece of Miss Argentina is also great. This artist has artwork avaiable from The Munsters, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Grease and more.

Parks & Recreation Ron Swanson Wooden Brooch

5. Ron Swanson Wooden Brooch

I love Parks & Recs; it has to be one of the funniest shows of the past decade and Leslie Knope is one of my TV heroes. Kate Rowland makes lovely wooden pieces of jewellery, and many of these are dedicated to her favourite shows, including this brilliant Ron F*****G Swanson brooch. Check out her store for pieces from Twin Peaks, Arrested Development and others.

Jurassic Park 'Clever Girl' black and white acrylic brooch, laser cut from Kate Gabrielle's original drawing

6. Jurassic Park

I'm not even a fan of Jurassic Park or dinosaurs, but I love this brooch. It would be hard to mention all the series and movies Kate Gabrielle has created pieces for. From The Office and 30 Rock, to Beetlejuice and The X Files, I would be surprised if anyone couldn't find something from one of their favourites here.

6 Nerdy Creations by Independent Artists // Wish List

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