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6 Fun Literary Inspired DIYs for Book and Journalling Nerds // Loved Links

6 Fun Literary Inspired DIYs for Book and Journalling Nerds // Loved Links

I’m a massive book nerd. I think one of the best ways to decorate a room is with tomes containing your favourite stories. I’ve used my love of literature to inspire my art work before, with my watercolour illustrations for each of Haruki Murakami’s novels.

I also enjoy journalling. With everything happening in my life, both in work and outside of it, if I don’t have checklists and records, I’d be sitting baffled as to what I was supposed to be doing. I've even created a number of sticker packs perfect for journals.

So to that end, I’ve rounded up a few fun book and journal inspired DIYs for anyone else out there with my love of bound pieces of paper.

DIY Fabric Scrapbook Journals

1. DIY Fabric Scrapbook Journals

A lovely way to capture your photos and memories using your favourite piece of fabric. I adore the use of Chicago screws to bind these journals.

DIY 3 Section Notebook

2. DIY 3 Section Notebook

Such an easy tutorial by Zabby Allen, using materials that most people will have lying around at home. But the perfect way to keep together three different types of notes.

DIY an Old Book into a New Purse

3. DIY an Old Book into a New Purse

I desperately need a new purse / handbag. I'd feel bad about destroying a book for the sole purpose of turning it into a bag, but it could turn out so pretty I think I could justify it. (Just don’t use anything rare!)

DIY Vintage Book Tech Organizer

4. DIY Vintage Book Tech Organizer

Again, book destruction, but it looks so darn good. This time it’s for the perfect literary tech organiser. What better way to protect your gear than in an old hardback book?

DIY Mini Matchbook Instagram Photo Album

5. DIY Mini Matchbook Instagram Photo Album

Instagram is great, but sometimes it’s nice to have physical photos. Print out your favourite Instagram snaps and combine them in this easy to make photo album.

Thread Book Binding Tutorial

6. Thread Book Binding Tutorial

Book binding can be a true art. This wonderful video will help demystify the process and teach you how to create your own gorgeous books using paper, card and thread.

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