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7 Feminist Items that Focus on the Importance of Consent // Wish List

7 Feminist Items that Focus on the Importance of Consent // Wish List

In light of #MeToo movement, it has never been more obvious how the issue of consent is seen so differently from person to person. It's mind blowing how there is even a debate about this issue, as you would think the correct way to respect another human being in a sexual situation should have an obvious answer. But that it keeps popping up means it's something we need to strictly redefine in this day and age. And it's not that hard to do. Basically:

If it's not an enthusiastic YES, then it's a NO.

Consent is mutual and must be continuous. You can stop at any time, you can change your mind, and just because you said yes to one thing doesn’t mean you have consented to anything else. It's all about respect. And it can damn well be sexy. Anyone who says otherwise really needs to hon up on their flirting skills. It is all about being in communication with your partner. If you're unsure, there's nothing wrong with a quick check-in.

I've rounded up a few items created by small business that focus on the importance of consent, and that help get the message out there to both women and men.

(If you want to read more about mutual consent, this article from Bustle is a great starter // 7 Things You Might Think are Consent that Aren't.)

NOPE Feminist Underwear from All Bad Days

1. NOPE Underwear from All Bad Days

I love these 'nope' underwear from All Bad Days. You can also get a matching No No bra.

No is a Complete Sentence Feminist Sticker

2. No is a Complete Sentence Sticker

No is a complete sentence. It doesn't mean "convince me". Very much agree with this sentiment.

Grab Back Pussy Feminist T-shirt

3. Grab Back Pussy T-shirt

Something perfect for you cat-loving, Trump-hating feminists. You can also get Grab Back Pussy as an art print.

"Pussy Grabs Back" Feminist Embroidered Iron On Patch

4. Pussy Grabs Back Patch

Another one on the dedicated to the Sexual-Abuser-in-Chief, and the Women's Marches that took place after his inauguration. You can also get "Pussy Grabs Back" as an enamel lapel pin.

Not Asking for It Feminist Embroidered Patch

5. Not Asking for It Embroidered Patch

Here's to the day women can wear the clothing they want without the threat of sexual assault.

NO Means NO Flower Feminist Enamel Pin

6. NO Means NO Flower Enamel Pin

No means no. It boggles my mind that some people can not get that through their heads!


Girl Gang / Feminist Pin-Back Button Badges

7. Girl Gang / Feminist Pin-Back Button Badges

As a bonus, here's my little "Nope" badge. It's one of three badges in my feminist badge packs, but the only one focused on the concept of content.

About the Girl Gang Brand

When the world feels like The Handmaid’s Tale, Girl Gang is a feminist range for those nasty women who persist against sexism, intolerance, Trump and alt-Right Nazis.

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