6 Downloadable Freebies for Radical Feminists // Freebies

6 Downloadable Freebies for Radical Feminists // Freebies

I've been planning a few new freebies to share with everyone, but as I'm focused on creating a few goodies to add to the store before the start of the Christmas season, I won't be able to get around to them for a short while. So, in the interim, I thought why not share a few feminist freebies from some other wonderful creatives?

Anti Hate Protest Art

1. Anti Hate Protest Art

Ever heard of the paradox of tolerance? It's seems more relevant than ever at the moment with some of the opinion that we should actually tolerate the opinions of Nazis. Designer Vanessa is certainly not of this opinion, and I have to emphatically agree.

Feminist Wallpapers for Phones & Devices

2. Feminist Wallpapers for Phones & Devices

Illustrator Becki Clark has created some stunning feminist wallpapers for all of your devices. Choose from 'The Future is Female', 'I am a feminist', and ‘Who run the world? Girls’, or just download them all.

Feminist Equality Printable Pennants for the Women's March

3. Equality Printable Pennants

Originally made for the Women's March, I think these equality printable pennants are suitable for just any (every) old day when women still do not enjoy equality.

Feminist Canvas Book Bag Pattern

4. Feminist Canvas Book Bag Pattern

These printable book bag patterns are perfect for feminists young and old. There are three different versions to choose between - The Future is Female, Girl Power, and Run the World.

Feminist Vector Pack by illustrator Shelby Criswell

5. Feminist Vector Pack

Independent comic book maker, trouble starter and freelance illustrator Shelby Criswell has created a set of illustrated vector printables suitable for so many uses. Stickers? Art prints? Temporary tattoos? The possibilities are endless.

Feminist Authors Illustrated Calligraphy Wallpaper // Freebie

6. Feminist Authors Illustrated Wallpaper

One of the many feminist freebies I've created in the past, and probably my favourite. Are you a fan of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Margaret Atwood, Octavia E. Butler, Ursula K. Le Guin, Sylvia Plath, Mary Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft and Virginia Woolf? They are all included in my feminist authors illustrated calligraphy wallpapers. You can also find more feminist and book themed freebies on my blog.

Girl Gang // Feminist Products for Those Who Persist

About the Girl Gang Brand

When the world feels like The Handmaid’s Tale, Girl Gang is a feminist range for those nasty women who persist against sexism, intolerance, Trump and alt-Right Nazis.

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