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6 Cute and Wonderful Items for Cat Lovers // Wish List

I think if you asked any of my family or friends what my most loved thing in creation was, they would waste no time before saying cats.

I love pretty much all animals, but these little feline rascals manage to push ahead of the pack, and something cat-related will always pop up in my Christmas and birthday presents. So here are a few of by favourite kitty-themed items created my independent artists.

Avocatdo Soft Enamel Pin by Pony People

1. Avocatdo Soft Enamel Pin

I love cats and I love avocado. So a pin that combines them both? Pony People has so many wonderful cat-related items, and I’m having a hard time choosing between them. But this one is maybe at the top of my list.

Fluffy Cat Face Enamel Pin from I Like Cats

2. I Like CATS

Anything from the Etsy store I Like CATS, run by Toby, is worth a purchase. Pins, prints, t-shirts, tote bags ... the list goes on. Everything is equally adorable and cat themed.

There Better Be Cats Tombstone Enamel Pinfrom MonstersOutside

3. 'There Better Be Cats' Tombstone Enamel Pin

Another pin, but I couldn’t help myself. A tombstone all about cats. Perfect. And for all you dog owners out there, there is a dog version of this pin as well.

Rose Gold & White Diamond Kitty Face Necklace by Catbird and Hortense

4. Rose Gold & White Diamond Kitty Face Necklace

Not cheap, but then the cat’s ears are adorned with diamonds, so you can’t really complain. If you’re looking for something a little more than fashion jewellery, then this delicate necklace is worth the money.

Hand Embroidered Cat (or Dog) Portrait by HOOPLASTITCH

5. Hand Embroidered Cat (or Dog) Portrait

There are a fair number of artists and illustrators on Etsy creating beautiful custom pet portraits. But an embroidered one is something maybe a little more special and rare.

I'm So Pretty Cat & Flower Wooden Brooch by Karen Murray of A Rose Cast

6. I'm So Pretty Cat & Flower Wooden Brooch

And last, but hopefully not least, one of my newest products. This is an illustrated wooden brooch produced for my new Wild Sofa Beasts line, products inspired by my own cats. You can find a number of other brooches on my store as well.

Wish List // 6 Cute and Wonderful Items for Cat Lovers

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