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6 Awe-Inspiring Embroidery Artists // Creative Spotlight

6 Awe-Inspiring Embroidery Artists // Creative Spotlight

Embroidery art really seems to have taken off over the past little while.

The tactiliness of the fabric, the intricateness of the interweaving threads, and the mediums capacity for pattern allows for some truly amazing pieces of not only art, but practical homewares and fashion elements. Here are a few of my choice artists working in this area of art and design.

Geometric Embroidery Work by Stephanie Lapre

1. Stephanie Lapre

Stephanie Lapre creates beautiful hand-embroidered wall hangings of contemporary geometric designs on natural fibers. To me, her designs envoke thoughts of mountains and natural scenery.

Embroidery Work by Erika Duran

2. Erika Duran

Modern, but invoking Victorian macabre with an abundance of skeletons and hearts, I love Erika Duran’s felt and embroidery patches.

Embroidery Work by Chloe Giordano

3. Chloe Giordano

Chloe Giordano has produced some of the most intricate embroidery work I’ve ever laid my eyes upon. The way she can capture detail and tones with thread is unreal. She not only creates pieces of embroidery for sale, but sells prints of her work on Society6. She has recently been working with book publishers on some amazing book cover designs.

Embroidery Work by Carrie Violet of Memorial Stitches

3. Carrie Violet of Memorial Stitches

Carrie Violet's creations are inspired by Victorian sentiment and curiosities; I can't look at her work without thinking of Edward Gorey. Her use of only black threads, natural fabric, macabe topics and simple lettering really give her peices a disticive look original.

Embroidery Work by Cristin Morgan of Marigold + Mars

5. Cristin Morgan of Marigold + Mars

Cristin Morgan creates some incredibly colourful embroidery work which really pops from her hoops. Flowers and lettering are big focus of her work, but she also has more playful pieces, such as embroidered love hearts.

Embroidery Work by Izziyana Suhaimi

6. Izziyana Suhaimi

Often applying geometric patterns and floral elements to hand-drawn illustrations, Izziyana Suhaimi creates spectacular pieces of embroidery artwork, exploring the evidence of the hand and of time.

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