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6 Adorable Brooches and Pins from Independent Makers // Wish List

6 Adorable Brooches and Pins from Independent Makers // Wish List

Brooches and pins are a great way small creative designers can make something people will love without completely breaking the bank. I've made a number of wooden brooches myself (usually adorned with cat faces), and here are a few my other independent makers that I love.

Handmade Colourful Wooden Book Brooch by Lucie Ellen on Etsy

1. Colourful Wooden Book Brooch

A perfect little bit of Librarian chic for your coat or cardigan, a this book brooch is handmade from wood and paper by Lucie Ellen.

Leslie Knope is my Spirit Animal Acrylic Brooch by Kate Gabrielle

2. Leslie Knope is my Spirit Animal

Who else loves Parks & Rec? Grab this perfect Leslie Knope brooch (or maybe Liz Lemon one?) from Kate Gabrielle.

Wooden Brooch with the Quote "Drink Tea and Read Books"

3. Drink Tea and Read Books

A sentiment I can definitely get down with. For any book nerds out there, take a look around Fable and Black’s Etsy store, as it is a treasure trove of literature-inspired goodies.

Rose Gold and White Enamel Girls Pennant Pin

4. Girls Pennant Pin

I love rose gold (evident in my choice of metal for my necklaces), and it makes this little pin just perfect. Even more perfect is the fact that 25% of the profit of each pin goes to benefits young girls through art exploration.

Feminist Illustrated Wooden Brooch

5. Feminist Illustrated Wooden Brooch

I love all of Kate Rowland’s work, but particularly love this Feminist wooden brooch for, well, obvious reasons.

Stay Home Club Cat Enamel Lapel Pin

6. Stay Home Club Cat Enamel Lapel Pin

If I could have everything released by Stay Home Club, I’d be a very happy person. I have the t-shirt version of this illustration. Maybe I should get a pin as well.

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