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3 Watercolor Illustrators You Should Be Following // Creative Spotlight

As my work is primarily created using watercolours, I'm always looking for other artists who work within the same medium to glean new ideas and find inspiration. Here are a few who have captured my attention recently.

Watercolor illustration of Lady Gaga by illustrator / artist Helen Green

1. Helen Green

If you are a fan of either David Bowie or Lady Gaga, I am sure you’ve come upon Helen Green’s illustration work before. She focuses on portraiture, particularly related to the music and fashion industries; her David Bowie career-spanning time lapse animation is a sight to see and especially poignant this week. Her style is wonderfully unique; despite its realistic appearance, you can always tell her pieces from other watercolour artists. I also love her pattern illustration designs, such as these ones of Red Dwarf and Duran Duran.

Watercolor illustration of a blue British Shorthair cat by illustrator / artist Megan Lynn Kott

2. Megan Lynn Kott

Cats and watercolour: always a pleasing combination in my mind. A lifelong cat lover, Megan Lynn Kott is not only an amazing watercolour illustrator, but has an often subversive sense of humour that makes her pieces standout. She has worked with clients including Old Navy, Chronicle Books, Gymboree, and Tea Collection, and has realised a book full of temporary cat tattoos, aptly named Cattoos!.

Watercolor illustration of a woman's face by illustrator / artist Marion Bolognesi

3. Marion Bolognesi

Marion Bolognesi creates expressive, abstract portraiture where the eyes truely are the window to the soul. I love how free she is with her painting; not only are the facial features so lifelike, but they are melded with gorgeous spots and splashes of intense colour.

3 Watercolor Illustrators You Should Be Following // Creative Spotlight

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